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Success Stories!


In 2008, I hit my highest weight ever, 310 pounds. In July of 2008, I decided to have the Lap-band procedure. In 18 months I lost 153 pounds and maintained my weight for two years. In 2011, I had surgery which landed me 4 months of bed rest, which lead to a back problem. I maintained my weight through exercise. Do to my back issue I was unable to work out & poor eating habits lead to gaining 70 pounds. After finally finding a Doctor who helped me with my back problem, I decided to have my Lap-band tightened to help lose the 70 pounds. After about two months I was tired of dealing with the issues that come along with the Lap-band. Researching other options, a friend introduced me to Medifast! I find the plan to be very easy to follow; several meal options keep you from getting bored. I love the option at New Beginnings where you can “try” one of most everything to make sure you like it before buying a full box. The gals at New Beginnings have good ideas and are able to answer any question. Looking forward to continuing towards a goal of healthy living.


On Medifast, my joints feel better than they have in years. Losing the weight gave me more energy for work and for playing sports with my family. There is a wide variety of food to choose along with being able to go out to eat with friends and family.


I am always on the go and did not have time to count calories. Medifast program allowed me to eat every 2-3 hours with food I could take on the go. There are over 70+ items to choose from which is great because I am a picky eater. You also get to eat out with friends and/or family. It is the best of both worlds. It has been a 1 ½ years and the weight is still off.